Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just a Quick Summary of What You Missed

What a frustrating year! I have wanted to share some it of with you all but Blogger didn't work the same as the last time I posted months before. Anyway, short summary. Let's see-- Lost custody of my kids to my abusive ex, my husband was diagnosed with cancer . . . all in all, much trauma, but I survived. The Lord has been faithful and with us through all of this. On a happy note, I finally got a sewing machine and took up quilting!

Why is nothing working here like it used to? lol. I can put photos up but not text. I have a day job and no time for this. Sorry for the title rant!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fashion and Fire Ants

It was one of those perfect early fall days and I decided to stop by a local park for outfit photos. This was several weeks ago when leaves were just barely changing on a few trees. Things were going well although I was in a bit of a hurry because I had a meeting to get to later that morning. So I guess I wasn't giving my usual attention to my surroundings. See that innocent looking field behind me? Well I set up the tripod in it. Just as I got into a pose, fire ants attacked my ankles. I looked down and my feet and pants legs were just swarming with the little buggers. After slapping them off and checking and re-checking my shoes, I gave up. I'm just glad I took these first because I was done after that! You just never know what you face on an outdoor photo shoot!

Oh yeah, an outfit description. I almost forgot in all the excitement of the ants. The chambray vest was thrifted and I wear it so much lately it's embarrassing really. The burgundy pants just might be the garment I am most excited about for fall. Not that they're that special, but they suit me. The flats are Champions from PayLess. When I found them, I was hoping to find something built like a sneaker but dressier. Score! And the bag? I broke down and bought a new purse because I was still carrying a very summery madras plaid bag. I've never been much of a purse person, but that could be changing.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What am I supposed to do with wavy hair?

 I have never ever been fashion-forward. I never get in on the front end of a trend. So I was thrilled to find out "beachy waves" are in style because that's what my hair usually does all on it's own these days. Other than the baby curls when I was little, I've always had mostly straight hair. Over the last several years it has become curlier, a LOT curlier! I have blamed aging, the water, shampoo and starting thyroid medicine. Whatever the reason, I love it!. So far I have been unable to bring myself to try the "no-poo" approach many are advocating online these days for curly girls. This year is the first time I've stopped shampooing daily, believe it or not. I was so greasy for all my teen and young adult years that I just continued to shampoo daily until this year.Crazy right? I did take some online advice about not dry-brushing and some other tips.
 This is my hair after "plunking" it into a microfiber towel for a while and scrunching a little. Other than that I did nothing else but let it air dry.

The photos below are where I dry brushed it just to do a comparison. I like both looks and am having trouble deciding how best to style it. Since it is wavy and not really ringlety curly, I seem to be able to get away with things truly curly folks can't.

O.K., Which one looks better?