Thursday, September 13, 2012

Red Roses and Voluntary Vines

I decided to take advantage of the roses my sweet husband brought me yesterday and use them as a prop. Don't worry, he wasn't chintzy and gave me an entire dozen. I just thought posing with the whole bunch would look silly (see the last photo). I was pretty happy with the outfit except for the belt. According to an article I saw recently, I should really be wearing a medium width belt. Well usually I wear this with a skinny belt. This wide one ends up looking like sort of an under the boobies band. So I'm torn between liking that it makes my leg line look really long and worrying that it emphasizes the effects of gravity and time. That's all I've got to say about that.

You know I just have to note some little oddity in almost every post. Well, see that vine under the table? Yes, it actually grows up through the chair a little. I didn't plant it. Apparently a watermelon or squash seed fell from our deck to our new flower bed bellow the deck producing this unexpected vine. Also of note--the chartreuse sweet potato vine above is actually growing in a pot. It just spread all over once I moved it to the back yard. Apparently it loves morning sun much more than the unforgiving afternoon sun that our front stoop receives. My garden and my life are always a bit random, but it's always interesting.

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