Monday, June 11, 2012

Step-mother of the Groom Dress

Just one of several reasons I have neglected my blog--my step-son's wedding was Saturday. I finally decided the paint fumes were probably the main reason for feeling awful recently. So we took greater care with the ventilation as we finished up last week. Now I'm back to just regular RA fatigue. Yay! I'm so excited. It's a bit of a pain but manageable at this time. 
Yeah, nobody really markets dresses to the step-mother of the groom, but with large number of blended families, maybe somebody should. In this case I got really lucky because my mom wears the same dress size I do and she has lots of awesome clothes. She gave me 3 dresses to try and I had one of mine I was considering. However, as soon as I put this one on I knew it was the one and didn't even try the others!

Here is my hair about as fixed as it ever gets. I have always been curler and curling iron impaired. Add to that having wrist pain and no hand strength and it means I almost never curl my hair. Fortunately, it became curlier in recent years and just needed a little encouragement. I did pin curls in back and used curling iron on the front. Ironically, I spent longer straightening my sons cute curly locks. Why do boys never appreciate their curly hair?

More photos to follow of the lovely occasion and my lovely family.

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