Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Saturday's Outfit and "Will Trespass for Photos"

Well, I'm a busy, busy mom on the go. So I don't always get outfits posted the same day. Here is what I wore Saturday if anyone is curious. I have on recently purchased slightly less "mom jeans" jeans.
The funny thing is I have been eyeing this spot ever since the leaves changed. It's down a little road off the main road I travel to get to work. However, I've been afraid to pull in to take pictures. What if someone sees me or I block the road when someone needs to get through? Keep in mind this is a teeny tiny road in the middle of nowhere. Just over the hill are big, scary "No Trespassing" signs that I didn't see until I drove further down. No one came out with a gun. So I guess that's a happy ending to my story. I've been self-conscious about taking pictures in public places like parks, but maybe those aren't such a bad idea after all! And why do I try to seek out unusual backgrounds? Well, I still have a hard time believing anyone would simply want to see me in daily outfits. Mostly I'm just a wanna be photographer and it's fun.

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