Friday, November 25, 2011

Mixing Patterns--My First Ever Attempt!

First let me say, I'm an original and creative person . . . just not today. I have to admit I was inspired by fashion bloggers, especially Kashmira at What I Wore 2Day. Usually I just say "Oh, wow I love that on her but I could never pull that off!" since I'm a fade into the background kind of a gal. I know mixing patterns works in interior design and I do it when scrapbooking a lot, but clothes? The memory is still fresh of 7th grade and mom making me go change out of a plaid skirt with a floral top. I think the colors were the same and it would probably work today, but not in 1981!. At that point I believe we were still obeying the whole no white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day rule. So things were a lot more restrictive.

Fast forward to this year when I went to my closet and just played with my clothes. I just took a bunch of stuff and made outfits just to see if I could. Gosh darnit, this is actually fun and I came up with some cute combos. Who knew?

And as usual the animals have to get in on the photo action. Bonus points if you can find the picture where I have a tail! I was also swatting a bug when the self-timer snapped it. Maybe later I'll do a post entirely of photo bloopers.

It's a little shortish for what I'm usually comfortable with, and my tan has apparently faded. So for work I would definitely have to wear tights, but it all turned out better than I thought. Fun, fun, fun! With some tights, I would definitely wear this in public and not just in the woods with the pets.

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