Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Skirt that Launched a Couple of Bass Boats: Attention from Your Clothes Part 2

As I've said before, my primary reason for improving my clothing selection is not for increasing attention from others. I figure I'm going to get noticed if I look bad too. So why not get a positive reaction if I can. All of this leads to a rather amusing story . . . 

I shot these photos in small town Alabama where a woman photographing herself is something of a novelty. However, I was a little taken aback when a couple of fishermen in a bass boat stopped and absolutely stared. (No Alabama jokes please. I'm allowed to comment because it's my home state!). I mentioned my surprise to my husband and he asked why I don't think I'm attractive.

What? Now I think I'm decently attractive, but I'm not a 20 year old with a killer body. I don't think of myself as hot enough to stop traffic (or bass boats). I'm a 40-something mom and for most of my life I've been comfortable being sort of invisible. The skirt was modestly at knee length--until I sat down on the dock anyway.
Then to add a bit of humility to the entire story, my husband agreed with me that it's not that they were staring at my extreme hotness . . . but that they were intrigued by my sitting down in a skirt. I had to sit, get back up, set up the camera, sit down, get back up, etc. I promise my aim was not to flash Gadsden, AL. Really, I promise! Nobody was out on the river until they came up. My purpose in life is not to be gawked at. Maybe the post should really address men and how they view women, but I'll leave that for another day.

So far attention because of my clothing has not been an entirely positive experience for me. My husband and my mom are complementary, though. So maybe it's not a complete loss.

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