Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thank Goodness I'm Past Middle School

"Hey big nose!" My son said that's how he gets greeted by classmates. Hey, that was my nickname in middle school too! No, seriously it was. My nose grew before the rest of my face at age 13 and is still um, not my favorite feature. But I've made peace with it.

Fortunately my son takes it with a sense of humor and so far seems pretty confident. I'm a little too tired tonight to wax eloquent on standards of beauty and the cruelty of middle schoolers. I could get really mad but I've decided to get even with this blog. No, not by hurting people who enjoy hurting others' feelings. I figure they have enough problems. My plan is to "get even" by feeling good about myself and my imperfections while encouraging others to do the same. Who's with me?

And besides, how can you not just love this face?

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