Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I NEED a New Camera

I broke two, yes two cameras within 2 months this summer in freak accidents. My son knocked my cheap knockabout camera out of my hand onto the sidewalk while posing for a picture in the smokeys. Then I dropped my good camera at work and it struck my desk as it fell. Lovely!

Somehow even with my new camera killer reputation, I think I've convinced my hubby to get me a good camera for Christmas. The one I'm using now is my kayaking camera bought primarily because it was waterproof and cheap. It's a Kodak Easy Share Sport and does O.K. in natural light. Like I said, it's cheap and waterproof. Great for kayaking and the beach, but not so much for a style blog.
Somehow it took this cool pic, but it does really weird things with my skin tone, even in natural light and takes lots of editing to keep me from looking space alien grey.

I'm open to any camera suggestions. I'm waffling between really going for it and getting a DSLR because I love to dabble in photography or getting a less sophisticated camera that has some manual settings I can play with. I'm not sure that I have the patience and time right now to learn anything complicated. Recommendations anyone?

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