Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fear and Creativity

Fear is the enemy of creativity

Somebody famous probably said that, and if so, I just stole it. I remember hearing of an experiment where a pottery class was divided into 2 groups. One could make as many pots as they wanted, experimenting until they got to the final product. The second group had one chance to get it right. At the end, the group who could experiment produced a much better pot. Apparently, the ability to experiment and make mistakes along the way frees us up somehow.

The story was in something I was reading about art, but it can apply in fashion and daily life too. Pretty much anything you're afraid others will judge you for. Since I've set about playing with my clothing and experimenting, I've had to face down insecurities I didn't even know I had. My husband likes to say, "Gee, you have a lot of issues!" Yeah, and for some reason God seems intent on opening them all up to the light and dealing with them all in the last few months. I really don't know why. What is he preparing me for? I'm hoping it's just time to deal with them. I mean, I'm 40+. How long am I going to let these things hold me back?

All of this was prompted by my attempting to arrange my front entrance of my house in a pleasing way. I've been joyfully tackling the closet and other areas, but the front curio cabinet had me frozen in fear. It's the 1st thing you see as you walk in. Bam! There it is--the first impression of me and my home. Just to add to the pressure, it was hand-made by my grandfather. As I was begging my Facebook friends for help, I realized it's not lack of inspiration holding me back, but fear. Normally I play with something till I'm happy with it. You know just enjoying the process. O.K. I'm feeling this is a little too deep for a Saturday, so get out there and enjoy yourselves.

Hopefully more closet progress to come. I have begun nagging, um, I mean brainstorming with my husband on ideas for shoe storage for both of us. The poor thing was very patient as I showed him every shoe storage idea on Pinterest last night. He's awesome at stuff like that and will probably do something I haven't even thought of.

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