Monday, November 21, 2011

Organized Medicine Cabinet

Before and after photos of the medicine cabinet. This thing was stressing me out every time I opened the door. It was super-deep cavernous, narrow place. Very difficult to navigate. Nobody could find anything in there but me which meant "Mom, where are the bandaids?" People rifling through and tossing stuff around had it looking like this:

Now each family member has a basket for their prescriptions and supplements they take. Then there's a basket for cough/cold remedies, a basket for OTC pain medicine, one for ointments/topical meds and one in the back for my kids' asthma medicine and home nebulizer which, fortunately, we rarely use. Best of all, we can see all the categories at a glance and instantly grab what we need.

I'm so proud! Becoming an organized person at 44 feels amazing. O.K. So I had to start taking an ADHD medication to get this far, but I'm also learning some new skills. It takes all these resources to address the disorganization but I think it's worth it.

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