Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Work In Progress

As I read a very helpful blog last night by a fashion expert, I was reminded of how much I am NOT an expert. Right now I look at photos my outfits and see how they don't completely work well. Often I don't notice until I look at photos. There's something about pictures that lets me back up and see myself more objectively. Somehow when I rushing to put together a cute outfit in the morning, the mirror doesn't always tell me the entire story. I have a stubborn streak that prevents me from changing clothes even when I feel like the outfit doesn't totally work.

I am not a role model . . . am I?
Well, not a role model for the "right" way to dress anyway. But maybe I am a role model for someone beginning the process of improving and thinking about things differently. I'm a role model for the "fashion impaired" person who wants to change.

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