Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Late night wanderings

Even though I should be in bed, I just have to share a couple of funny things my kids said today. First a little background, I have been looking a Pinterest a wee little bit too much lately . . . for hours. I mean, there should be a 12-step program really because I'm seriously addicted to looking at everything. I saw some terrariums and for some reason just had to make some. So I get some old jars and newly purchased jars and all the material together. I need some moss which we have in abundance in our woods, but I keep getting home after dark every day. 

So today I called my son while driving home. "Son, can you and your brother please go get some moss for me?" And what does my offspring say? "What? Where are we gonna find moss? We don't know where to look for moss. The woods?!? What? Mom, are you serious. It's cold outside!" Now keep in mind that you walk maybe 20 yards from our house and you are in the woods--deep shady, mossy woods. Also keep in mind that even though it was very cold for here, we do live in Georgia. Come on people!

Fortunately, I get home just in time to gather moss and make lovely terrariums. So my other son requests one for his room. When I finish it he says, "Mom, when I look down at it it's just like looking into the woods!" And he said it like it was the most surprising thing. I told him that was the effect we're going for with a terrarium. Easily amused on a Wednesday night. Pictures will have to wait because I should be in bed, but they turned out cute.

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