Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh, and here's my work outfit today

 I look like I could break into some kind of folk dance any minute, don't I?

When I bought this dress I thought it had a western prairie vibe to it. Looking at these pictures, I'm getting more of an Eastern European folksy feel. I'm realizing changing my clothing style involves risk. Sad to say, I decided to try this dress out on a day when I'd be in the office with my one co-worker. I didn't feel confident enough in it to venture into a community meeting or to see a client. What's up with that?

For one thing this breaks my general guideline never to wear anything I can't climb a tree in. I'm just beginning to see dresses as comfortable and fun. You probably won't see me in a pencil skirt unless it's for a short event. Love the look but they're just too confining to wear all day. But this dress is as comfy to wear as pants. Fun! And I would wear it here or there. I would wear it anywhere.

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