Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quick Change Artist

After a childhood spent avoiding dresses whenever possible, I'm discovering the advantages of dresses and skirts and wearing them more. I associate dresses with feeling restricted as a tomboy child. And panty hose used to be a must which meant sweat in summer and lots of discomfort. In winter they weren't really warm enough.

 Last summer I discovered airy dresses are a great way to beat the heat and now that I've discovered tights, the winter chills aren't a barrier to wearing skirts any more. And sometimes they're just plain fun. Also being a basically lazy person, I realized skirts rarely need washing. I'm sold.
Still when I'm heading out on a road trip after church, it's time for a quick change to jeans.

And here's what I wore to church today. So far I'm mainly branching out to wearing dresses to church because I can change to something ultra casual when I return home. But at least it's a start. Now that I see how slimming this is compared to some of my pants outfits, it may become a regular pattern.  


  1. Love that last pattern mix! I've also found that skirts are more slimming than pants. Thanks for your sweet email!

  2. Thanks! I never would have thought dresses were more slimming till I started experimenting. And I wouldn't have tried mixing patterns if I hadn't seen your blog!