Monday, November 7, 2011

M is for My Stylish Mom Monday

Here's Mom at my cousin's wedding. She and my grandmother always look put together but somehow I didn't inherit that gene. Until recently I would leave the house looking any old way--wrinkled clothes, sweats, etc. Just watch the before segments of What Not to Wear and you get the idea. Mom always looks like she dressed with care but without trying too hard.

She ended up with a tomboy daughter who rejected any frills as a kid and didn't get much better as a teen. Sorry Mom. All the sudden I developed an interest in clothing when it's too late for you to dress me.
Here's Mom in her fall beach attire--the best dressed woman on the beach. I can't help wondering if she knows red pants are a current trend right now. Probably. In contrast, I notice trends when they're on the way out. Oh well, just call me a late bloomer. I have a pretty big shoe closet to fill with a very stylish Mom and Grandma. Fortunately, I did inherit their shoe fetish. 
And of course grandmother is always stylish. This is casual for her and dressed up for me. I'm just saying.

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