Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stripes and Flowers and Health Struggles

What, you were expecting maybe some pattern mixing? This is not an overwhelmingly exiting outfit, but it works for when I need something casual. I'm having some kind of health struggle right now and don't exactly know what it is. So please bear with me. The fatigue that I had several days in the last few weeks let up over the weekend but returned yesterday. I don't get it. For the camp out I was able to kayak, swim, walk to the bathroom 3 million times, etc. I did start feeling a little yucky when we were breaking camp and packing up, but the weather had turned hot for the first time that weekend and packing up just sucks! Then when I woke up Monday my wrists were aching and I felt dizzy and drained.

At first I blamed the storms moving through although my RA doesn't freak out with the weather like it used to before starting Enbrel. However, even after the rain cleared out, I still felt lousy. I made it to work a while today but still not feeling good. I just had my yearly, er . . . woman check up and 6 month check in with my Rheumatologist. So I hate to go back to the doctor. Temporarily I'm waiting a few more days to see if the fatigue improves.

The reasons I have considered range from exposure to paint fumes while we have been painting my office to RA fatigue, thyroid issues, a virus, etc. My thyroid meds recently had to be increased but surely that wouldn't make me feel this bad. Before I started treatment for hypothroidism, the symptoms were very, very subtle. Nothing like this. Meanwhile, outfit photos and blog posts may continue to be iffy till I feel better.  Sorry!


  1. YaY! another 40+ blogger!!! Nice to meet Ya!
    A new follower asap!

    1. Hi and welcome! It's good to have ya aboard and it's nice to know not all bloggers are youngsters.