Monday, July 2, 2012

Folk Dancing and Toy Horsies

 Yeah, but I bet the title got your attention, didn't it? I'm not sure why but I have more than one outfit that reminds me of some sort of folk dancing costume. And the horsey? 

Horsey came from an antique mall even though he's obviously not all that old. He's every little kids dream and was only $15. How could I resist. I had to hurry to use him as an outfit photo prop before sending him to live with my niece and nephew. My kids are way to old and cool to play with him, but I have to admit we have all been posing him different places around the house, pretending to ride him, etc. So, I guess that means we've been, um, playing with him. Now for the outfit photo . . . in case you wondered what one wears in the south when the temperature soars above 100, I have to say we wear as little as possible. I used to avoid dresses but last year I discovered they are breezy and cool. It's like wearing shorts but more appropriate for all kinds of settings. I'm turning positively girly!

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