Monday, May 14, 2012

Chattanooga Date Day

 So it's Mother's Day weekend and my hubby wanted to do something special. He had big plans to wisk me away for a weekend in a hotel that was a former riverboat. Only one problem--he had a family reunion Saturday. So we put off our plans and made a appearance and a visit to his mom. Suddenly about 3:30 that afternoon he looked at me and said, "Want to go to Chattanooga?" Uh, now? Well, he figured we could still walk at the Riverwalk and go out to dinner. My hubby has not much sense of time and loves to be spontaneous!
 Metal doggies--We happened to get there just as WhoFest was ending. The vendors were packing up their artwork, but we managed to see about 1/2 of it anyway. I bought a couple of hummingbird garden stakes from this guy.

Looking at these outfit photos, I just had to think, "This is the face of the obesity epidemic." Yes, by the BMI charts, I am obese. Yes, obese. I prefer "sweetly curvy" but to each his own! See, the average person when they hear obesity epidemic probably thinks of people who are seriously morbidly obese. Not to put those people down either but I think there's a misunderstanding of what the increase in obesity actually means. Also, when I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was a healthy weight or maybe slightly too thin. This "horrible obesity" I suffer with is partly a result of limitations from the arthritis. I am not less healthy because of the obesity but became obese partly because of the arthritis. Chicken and egg stuff that I think is totally messed up in the uproar over all this. And now for a lighter note--look a bridge!

 Of course walking that much burns so many calories we NEEDED ice cream. A quick stop at the Ice Cream Show was in order. I've never been there before but I really need to go back! They let you pick any additions and they blend it for you. Mine was chocolate with black cherries and brownies and my hubby added whoppers and almonds.

We walked across this . . . and all over! It was an awesome evening and we have now scouted out lots of things to do when we come back for a full weekend. I didn't get a picture of our pizza from Hill City Pizza but it was amazing. In order to feel good, we will return to better eating habits tomorrow, but it was fun for a day!

All of this only about an hour from us! We will be back.

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