Saturday, May 5, 2012

Science of Fashion

My children just completed science projects last week. We won't even talk about how all-consuming that is for the parents and no, we didn't do it for them, but we had to arrange the experiment, get materials, prod the kids into working on it, etc. Phew! I'm tired after all that. But it got me thinking along the lines of the scientific method.

                        Question:  Can I wear a blindingly bold print blouse and shorts to a meeting and look  work-appropriate?

Hypothesis:  I believe that most will not notice and any that do will respond positively.

 Data:   I observed that the others at the meeting wore everything from a dress/suit to jeans. The speaker wore  a sport coat, and a button down with no tie.  Most wore what I call “southern, hot weather business casual”. That basically means that anything not revealing or “poolside” looking will work as long as it keeps you cool in sweltering weather.

Conclusion:           The wild print allowed me to feel like I was expressing myself but I did not feel underdressed or out of place. Yes, a bold print blouse and walking shorts is appropriate for a casual meeting. If it was a more formal meeting or I felt the need to look super-professional, less casual clothing would be advised.

                        Additional findings:         Dogs are attracted to cameras   and tripods!

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