Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rainbow Bright

Tuesday was a rainy day, and you know I have to brighten the mood in my little part of the world. I was out in the yard dead-heading my roses when it started pouring rain. So I went to deliver my mom's Mother's Day planter since they were out of town Sunday. I looked like a drowned rat--a good bit more disheveled than when I took these photos early in the day! All the way I had glimpses of a double rainbow. By the time I got to their apartment and pulled out the camera, it was a single one but still very cool.

Gold blouse-Cato
Striped Tee-Walmart

You would never guess my small town offers about 2 places to buy new clothing--Walmart and Cato. Of course larger towns with better shopping are not far. I'm just lazy! There's a little consignment shop where I found lots of great pieces the first time I went in. Ever since then, I have not found one thing I like. I'm trying to save up and buy quality, but old habits die hard.

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