Friday, May 18, 2012

My Back Yard

Something about the outfit seems to offend my dog. Padme looks like she's averting her eyes. It's more likely she was following me and then heard something interesting over there. On this particular day, I was attending a meeting where everyone is kind of conventional . . . or at least that's my excuse for wearing an outfit that's not terrible inspired.

Grey sweater-Thrifted
Black/White polka dot blouse-Walmart
Black jeans-Cato

And speaking of uninspired, here is a section of our yard that bugs me. It's under our very high back deck and it's a space just begging for landscaping. I can totally see a swing, maybe a hammock, a little table with chairs or bench. It gets morning sun and shade the rest of the day. This is exiting because almost everywhere else gets the full brunt of the Georgia harsh afternoon sun. I have a pot of tomatoes doing well and I'm thinking hostas in the more shady corners. I also purchased a hydrangea simply because it is named "Annabelle" just like my neice. Isn't she lovely?

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