Monday, May 7, 2012

Stripes of Citrusy Goodness

 And the painting continues . . . and continues. It works well for me to wear a normal outfit and then change into painting clothes for the afternoon. Due to the RA, I can only paint so long. Therefore I am pacing myself. Even so I took a 3 hr nap Sunday night and still went to sleep at bedtime just fine.

Now look below for a feat of superhuman strength. Ta da! Well, O.K. to anyone with healthy joints, this would be a yawn, but if you have RA or another condition, you would know how amazing it is. First of all I am wearing dress shoes with a slight wedge heel. Death defying really when you have angry feet. Second I am climbing. So it's 2 feet off the ground, it's still climbing. And for the kicker--I'm holding myself up by my arm! I'm not stupid enough to hang by my hands and I actually am using my elbow and large muscles like biceps, triceps, etc. That keeps the pressure off of delicate wrists and fingers. There you have it folks--RA gymnastics. 

Finally for the feet. Yes, I am 44 and I painted my toenails pastel green. Either I'm really cool or crazy. The jury is still out. I know what my kids would say, but then one son also told me I don't have the feet for sandals. Considering the RA and all, I'd say they are still pretty cute.

You can't tell except in the last photo that the sandals (from Shoe Dept.) are navy blue. I still don't get why wedges work better than other heels for my crazy feet, but I'm really glad wedges are in style this summer. Not because I have to follow trends but because I can actually find them

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