Thursday, October 20, 2011

Almost kind of sometimes semi-daily outfit

Nothing real special today. Just comfy still-working-from-home clothes. It's still hot here in Georgia and I'm feeling "campy". It sort of makes me think "old lady" clothes, so I'm not sure I'm totally happy with it, but the color makes me happy. For years I wouldn't wear pink. Part of some deep seated trouble with accepting femininity or something. I don't understand it enough to address it in any meaningful way, but I'm changing. I know that much. Another post for another day.

Little known fact: right after taking these photos, I finally took up the waist on these pants after a couple of years of sagging, constantly tugging them up and belting them. I probably have other clothes I need to have professionally altered but I'm using my minimal sewing skills to do what I can. It's hard to believe how terrible I am to leave garments missing buttons, needing hemming, etc. Turning over a new leaf.

Pink Camp Shirt--Chico's
Olive greenish faded khakis
Beaded necklace--my own creation

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