Friday, October 28, 2011

I Have a Photographer (or two)!

My sons have agreed to be my blog photographers, and that will hopefully improve the quality of the photos.  I'm sure the ol' tripod will still be of use when they aren't available. I just can't seem to get a natural smile when I'm photographing myself. I have to have someone there that makes me smile, and my kids usually do.

Wide-leg Pants
I'm just not loving the wide legs which are supposed to be good for women with lower body issues, right? I'm kind of getting a large tree stump vibe from these, and my legs look way bigger than they actually are. At least they are very comfortable. Maybe it's because they don't cover my feet, but that is so not happening. It may look good in photos but isn't practical for my life.

And heels!
I'm actually wearing heels, sort of. They are low, almost made like a wedge really, and a solid and stable shoe. "Comfort" shoes often feature a flexible sole, but with rheumatoid arthritis feet, I need a solid supportive sole. Finding good shoes is a major battle for people with arthritis. I have spent a fortune trying out different things and have a pretty good idea what works now. I have done the "I don't care if it hurts, I'm wearing cute shoes" and the always in athletic shoes approach. I will not put myself through foot hell for the sake of fashion, but I refuse to just give up. Now I have reached the point where I'm determined to find attractive shoes without sacrificing the health of my feet. What's your priority in choosing shoes, comfort or appearance? Can they both be met?
 Now don't I look more relaxed with a real person behind the camera?

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