Thursday, October 13, 2011

Body Image

When I'm kayaking I feel strong and confident. I'm not thinking about cellulite and flabby arms (at least not till we come off the river). My confidence was shaken somewhat by my recent shoulder injury; the Hiawassee won that day as I was flipped upside down and dragged over rocks. But I'll be back.

Lately I've been reading and thinking a lot about body image. It began with clicking on Sal's wonderful blog at Already Pretty. She has much helpful information and interesting links on the subject. Ironically, I believe I have better body image now that I'm slightly overweight than when I had the perfect thin teen body. However, I still have my share of struggles. This is such a common problem that I believe those of us who are "mature" women need to help our younger sisters. We do that by first getting ourselves healthy, sending healthy messages to our kids and spreading the word. More on this later. I'll leave you with this helpful post at Sal's blog.

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