Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall and North Georgia Mountain Apples

After spending the first 35 years of my life in Alabama, North Georgia is still pretty new to me. I was totally surprised to know the area is known for "Mountain Apples" or "Ellijay Apples" with an annual Apple Festival and everything! Last year my parents and I went and bought a ton of apples to share--some of the best I've ever had. I have to admit I'm in love with Mutsu apples, a type I had never heard of till last year. My plan was to do a little early Christmas shopping with the arts and crafts vendors and of course I had big plans to eat some fried pies and buy apple fritters for Dad. Hey, it's once a year, people.

I got up Saturday morning with high hopes to drive to the Apple Festival. So inspired and sure I'd make it, I took the above photo. Since I'm recovering from surgery, my energy level is just not there yet, but I did make it to a nearby town's produce stand with Georgia Mountain Apples. Just didn't think I'd make it another hour to Ellijay and the and an  hour and a half home. So I will have to wait for next year's festival.

Kind of a silly little outfit. I just bought my 1st pair of cowboy boots last week and I want to wear them with everything. I thought it would be fun to see if I could pull off walking shorts with them. The jury is still out. Not sure if I'd wear them in public, but for a silly photo shoot in the woods behind my house, they are awesome! Since temperatures are still reaching the 80's this week, the boots and were exchanged for sandals. On the upside, I got my new neighbor to do a double take as he was cutting his grass. What's so odd about someone toting a tripod and apples into the woods? Isn't that done all the time in rural North Georgia?
Jacket--Old Navy
Shirt--I don't know--I cut the tags out of everything!
Boots--Laredo Boots
Necklace--my design

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