Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Flashback

Me circa 1987-ish
Note the giant glasses that my kids tease me about. Also, please note that these were quite stylish at the time and smaller than my "big 80's glasses". Hopefully all photographic evidence of them is destroyed. Now, the elastic waste mustard plaid pants . . . I really doubt they were in style. More than likely they were comfortable and I did a Garanimal-esk quick match with this shirt. Also note that I had a nearly perfect body by most standards of the time. I was not model stick-thin but slim and athletic but with feminine curves. Why oh why did I not appreciate this at the time? I do have to say I had never jumped on the diet yo-yo roller coaster at this point because I was active enough to stay slim.  What doesn't show on the outside is that I considered my hips and thighs huge, my skin pimply, nose too big, etc., etc. In short, an insecure mess waiting to happen. I didn't think I was fat but I didn't appreciate what I had either. I feel better about my body now that I am overweight. What sense does that make?
And a little further back. Here I am in high school. Skinny ballet dancer who has no idea she is skinny . . . and absolutely no idea how to dress myself. Note the cool fashionable scrub top I'm wearing. Ah well, youth is wasted on the young! I'm much happier with myself in my 40's than I was then. The exact opposite of what our youth worshipping culture would have you believe. What about you? Are you more confident and happy with yourself now?

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