Friday, October 14, 2011

Where are the fashion photos???

What drew me to fashion blogs in the first place was the real women who showed pictures of outfits they put together. Suddenly fashion was not some distant thing a mere mortal like me could never achieve. A coworker led me to Cashmira's inspiring blog and from there I was hooked. I have started going through my closet and re-thinking how I put outfits together. After watching What Not To Wear for several years, I had already begun to think fit and shopping carefully. However, there was still something missing. These fashion blogs have encouraged me to experiment and be creative.

So why no photos of me in great outfits to inspire you? Well, first of all, no camera. I managed to break 2 cameras in about 3 months time--both my cheap knockabout camera and my nice one. Maybe I can enlist my hubby or kids to take pics with my cell phone, but I'm expecting a camera for my birthday at the end of this month. Hint hint. The second reason is that I'm new at all this. I'm talking brand, newborn baby spanking new. I have gone through my closet and started playing with combinations. I've started experimenting with belts for more than holding up my pants. There are a few outfits that I would feel good about posting soon, but bear with me, I'm by no means ready to be your inspiration yet. That's O.K. though. While I'm learning, please take a look at some of the more experienced bloggers on my blog roll. I will post some beginner pictures soon.

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