Friday, October 28, 2011

Down by the Riverside

 For my Alabama friends--extra points if you can name the small town and river in the photos.

 This was my first ever attempt at a public photo shoot and I'm generally a shy, self-conscious person. So what would be no big deal for most people . . . well, kind of is for me. There were a few families and couples walking around and I got a few odd looks--some woman snapping photos of herself. Mostly people politely ignored me. Of course I hadn't planned ahead to do this, so no tripod. I figured out railings on a dock, park benches and even steps make a pretty good substitute.

Like I've said, my style is a work in progress right now--lots of bugs to still work out. The boobage is an issue with t-shirts like this one. I need a professional bra fitting for one thing. Seeing photos of myself is so different than a mirror. I had no idea this outfit was so "Hey, look everybody. I have boobs!" I'm glad it was cool enough that I wore a sweater to church. After seeing the pictures, I made the mistake of asking my husband if the outfit emphasized my bust too much. He's usually helpful with fashion questions, but this just elicited a smirk.

Other new things for me that day--cowboy boots and belting. I have been afraid of belts. I love them but my attempts tended to emphasize my "mother of twins" belly. Buckles or knots tended to perch right on top and stick out rather than showing off my small waist. I'm beginning to figure it out. Usually tucking anything in doesn't work for me but I think I like it better for this outfit.

Cowboy boots. I chose these particular ones because I have major foot issues due to arthritis. They weren't the cutest, but they were comfy and still cute enough, and I wanted some I could wear all day. For some reason, they make me feel spunky and strong. Maybe I'll even ride a horse some day soon.

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