Saturday, December 31, 2011

Can you tell I got a camera for Christmas?

I'm a picture taking fool right now, I tell ya. Partly because I don't know what the heck I'm doing and partly just because it's so fun. My husband bought me a Canon Powershot sx230 hs, and I'm so excited. For several years I thought about getting a DSLR but decided on this for now. It's got some fun settings to play with, you can adjust the aperture and all those other fun photography terms I'm trying to learn, or you can just set it on auto. You can put it on "portrait" and it knows you want the subject clear and the background a little blurry (Yay! How does it know?). As much as I would like a DSLR eventually, my brain is just not equipped to figure that much out right now. Besides I want something I can just sling across my shoulders or stick in my purse and go, not a large heavy camera.
We have several shutterbugs in our family, especially my grandfather "Pop". Mom says he would be fascinated with digital cameras, self-timers, etc. He took a famous picture of my grandmother and he by tying a string to his toe. Boy would he love a self-timer! I love going through all the old family photographs he took. In fact, he gave me my first real 35 mm film camera when I was 19 and it was a Canon Sureshot. So I had a soft spot for Canon even though I haven't had one since then. I had many awesome adventures with that camera until I lost it coming back from the Philippines. Ever since then I've missed it, but I think I found it's digital equivalent. 

I spent our Christmas in Myrtle Beach playing with the settings and taking a million pictures. Hopefully my outfit photos will improve now that I have this baby.

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