Friday, December 2, 2011

Play-doh and Cowboy Boots

I was in a 2-day training and yesterday the trainer instructed us to dress casual. "Wear your jeans because we're going to play." Sure enough we did role play, got in the floor, played with play-doh, etc. Almost makes it worth the crap we go through as social workers.
I'm usually still kind of conservative and cautious when I'm attending meetings or training, but I took the instructions to go casual as an opportunity to have fun. Is this too young a look for a 44 yr old professional? Hmm . . . I hope not cause I did it! One thing we discussed was the importance of play. So lets play!!

Since I had decided to try wearing unexpected color combinations. Not sure if a grey/black top with brown belt, boots and sweater counts. It's unexpected for me anyway.

Fun with clothing
You'd never guess I took the photos in the Home Depot parking lot after training. Well, I was out of town and wanted photos before it got dark. Plus the town I was in had stores we don't like Target, Kohl's, Marshall's, etc. and I decided to start my Christmas shopping then and there.

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