Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Review

Saturday we left the house and piddled around town. Very relaxing, but got absolutely nothing done, including posts. So here is what I wore Sunday to church and afterwards when I went casual. Saturday I was just too busy doing nothing to pause for a photo.

I found an awesome backdrop for my photo. And then I beat a hasty retreat from the old stone house restaurant when some dude began walking over to see what I was up to. On Sunday after church I convinced my hubby to get in the picture with me wearing the outfit I gave him for his birthday.

I'm terrible about identifying my clothing for various reasons. Not least of which is that I don't consider my blog a "how-to" blog. There are lots of others out there who can give you advice. Mine is more of a personal discovery thing. Other reasons include shame over buying low quality things, having no tag after cutting them all out, and just plain having a bad memory.  But I'll try to start identifying items more.

I know that the dress is from Cato, the little grey laceless oxfords came from Payless Shoes. The boots came from Kmart. After trying on many expensive boots, these finally fit the bill. Weird huh? My feet are weird about boots because the arthritis made my ankles less flexible.

 Generally I buy better quality now, and since I've discovered thrifting, my standards are getting higher. I'm still a work in progress. My hubby is wearing a  dark grey Van Heusen shirt and black Dockers pants.

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