Monday, December 12, 2011

Grinch Colors

We're having a Grinch theme at church because of a sermon series our pastor is preaching. The front of the church is even decorated Whoville style, and there's a stuffed Grinch that shows up in different places around the sanctuary. So when I got dressed Sunday morning, Grinchy colors appealed to me. This sweater is almost his exact color and the scarf I call my Oscar the Grouch scarf because it has a muppet-like feel to it. It has some cookie monster blue mixed in. Usually I hate, yes hate, working with novelty yarns but I did crochet this one just before swearing off any fun fur, eyelash or otherwise difficult yarn. I hear it's easier to knit with it, but since I'm a very, very new knitter, I haven't tried it.

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