Saturday, December 17, 2011

Casual Continued

 I'm continuing a casual trend here because of my casual footwear. Also Fridays are usually casual or even "clean the office day" since we don't have a cleaning service or rather your looking at half of the cleaning service right now. I'm loving this burgundy cardigan because I can pair it with all kinds of colors--like this purple tee here.

And I was trying to hurry to beat the sunset so I could get a quick outdoors shot. So when I hurriedly set up the tripod and this shot, I got what looks like a monster blade of grass in front of me. Hey, I'm asking Santa for a better camera and hoping for much better photos for this blog. Maybe I should also ask for better photography skills too.  Like I've said before I'm using a $60 Kodak Easy Share Sport. It does have it's advantages though. When I was taking these, it started to sprinkle and I didn't scream and run for the hills.

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