Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shoe Shots

As a result of the recent foot rebellion, I broke down and went shoe shopping even in the thick of Christmas shopping season. Ow, now my wallet hurts. We're having to keep it simple for Christmas this year but my workout shoes are, oh about 2 years old. They are running shoes but I don't run in them due to the arthritis. My feet would really kill me then! But I do walk, hike and play a mean game of Dance Central in them. Really, I should be shot for not totally pampering my difficult feet more often, but since I wear fit flops and Merrill sandals all summer and Merrill clogs in winter, the athletic shoes don't get worn out very fast. I decided I needed some dress shoes that don't kill my feet so I can look stylish without pain. Here they are!
I'm so excited about how comfy these are that the shoes got their own photo shoot. Yes, sad I know. They are brown Un Bridle from Un structured by Clarks. The athletic shoes I bought are New Balance Country Walker in brown. I didn't post a picture because they are just brown walking shoes. I love them partly because they fade into the background I'm hoping they won't be as noticeable as white sneakers on bad foot days.

Oh, and there was an outfit that went with the shoes. As an afterthought, here it is.  

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