Monday, December 19, 2011

Tunic Sweater on a Sunday

I've gotten really brave lately about wearing leggings. Let me put it this way, I gave birth to twins and it had an effect on my belly, O.K.?  I'm not a stick woman--more of an hour & 1/2 glass than hourglass shaped. Most of the time I'm just fine with that but I thought it ruled out certain types of clothing completely. Now I realize I have to use leggings carefully and selectively, but I can wear them. See exhibit A:

Leggings are very comfy for crawling around in the floor after toddlers. Since I keep nursery during Sunday school, my church clothes have to be baby-proof. Then I want to look good in the choir too!Could it be these are actually slimming? It makes me look smaller on top somehow. I'm between 38D and DD according to the recent bra fitting I had, but you'd never know it from these pictures. That's one complaint I have about tunics or long sweaters--they make me look flat and a mile wide especially in the hips. I see a little flattening and maybe an emphasis on my hips, but somehow this whole thing works.

But watch out, my hubby started giving me instructions for poses. . . 

I call this next one my "Baby Got Back" shot. Maybe I was attempting one of those weird arched back poses models do? Someday I'm going to do a post of all photo bloopers, and this will be in there! See the camera really does add 20 lbs and this time it was all added to my posterior!

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