Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Around Town

Our small town has a cute little downtown area so nice it was recently used in the filming of a movie--Jane Mansfield's Car. I have no idea how good the movie will be but I know everybody was all excited to get a Kevin Bacon, Billy Bob Thornton or Robert Duvall sighting. My goal was to get a fun shoot in before an expected cold spell the next day and to stop pouting about having to wear only sneakers for a couple of weeks till my feet heal. I might as well work it, right?
I chose this houndstooth blouse because it reminds me of Bear Bryant and the Crimson Tide. You can take the girl out of Alabama, but you can't take the Bama out of the girl! My original intention was to wear it with leggings, but after seeing how easily the wind whipped it up, it may not work. Some things just need to remain covered. The earrings were a Christmas present and I can't stop wearing them because, unlike most earrings, they don't blend in with my hair.

I'm still self-conscious but downtown was very slow on New Year's Day and I hid on a little side street by the florist's. The temperature started to drop and I grabbed my crochet car coat out of the trunk. I haven't worn it much because I didn't think it was flattering. It was very warm and turned out O.K. in the photos.

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