Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Blues

You may have noticed that I don't always do exactly a daily outfit. Given my schedule and my generally disorganized, free spirit personality*, it just isn't going to happen. But I'm O.K. with that. I'm not the same person as some of the more prolific "how to" bloggers, but I am hopefully communicating some of what is the genuine me in this blog. 
It was a cold, blustery day when I wore this. I had stripped off my coat but still had on silky thermal long underwear under the pants. I didn't realize how bad the static cling was till I looked at the photos. Oh well. We don't get extremely cold weather here all that much and don't get as much practice with those sorts of garments. I'm loving this navy long sweater, although you could argue it hits my hips at an unfortunate place. This particular day, I didn't care and thought it was cute and warm. I may be pear-shaped but I'm a warm, cozy pear. And speaking of cute and warm, note our sweet puppy who is always cute and warm and tries to get in every photo. 
*P.S. My children have informed me that I'm too anxiety-prone to be a "free spirit" and have declared me "artsy fartsy" instead. Whatever. I can live with that. 

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