Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This Blog Needs a Warning Label!

I say if medicine can have terrifying sounding side effects, then blogs can have side effects too. Objects in mirror may be more awesome than you thought! Surprising side effect to starting a blog where I subject myself to daily photos? Increased confidence! I've always been something of a wallflower in large groups. Close friends and my hubby know my irreverent humor and absolute willingness to act totally goofy, but generally in public I'm reserved. That translated into choosing clothing to fade into the background for most of my life. But no more!
For some reason we women tend to come into our own in our 40's. I don't pretend to understand it. Maybe we're tired of cramming ourselves into everyone else's idea of who we should be. Or maybe it's life experiences teaching us that no matter what we do, somebody's not going to be happy, so why strain yourself? All I know is that I wouldn't go back to a younger age if you paid me. When I was younger, for some reason 40 was the age I picked in my head as the time when the bloom of youth would be faded and I would be dried up and frumpy. Instead I turned out to be quite the late bloomer!
Surprisingly, this blog has been fun and educational for me so far. I really expected all of my insecurities about my face and body to increase and possibly cause me to drop the blog after a few days. But an amazing thing happened. Sometimes I see those imperfections, but more often I see myself and think, "Wow, that's me?"

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