Monday, January 23, 2012

Brighten A Rainy Day

 Funny, until recently I was scared of bright colors and mostly tried to keep a low profile. Even then I liked to wear a little color on rainy days to liven up the mood. I've had these crimson tights stashed waiting for just the right moment. When Go Chic or Go Home announced Tights as their new theme, I decided it was time to break them out. Usually I don't try out new things when I'm going to the office because I'm still a bit cautious. Silly I know especially since I'm the closest thing we have to a boss there and can wear pretty much anything within reason. Still, bright tights is a big stretch for me. Just after I bought them, there they were, bright colored tights on several "don't" lists for women over 40. Well, since when have I obeyed all the rules anyway? I'm not exactly a wildly careless rebel with only a few inches showing between skirt and boots, but it was a good first run for colored tights.

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