Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm Home But Not All There

Yes, I'm home after a four day training in Atlanta. My butt is tired from sitting so much and my mind is totally blown. This training was on such a different approach than I'm used to that its going to take time to process. Do you ever have those moments where you need to sit in a corner and stare at nothing. No? Its just me? Well, you have your way of having fun and I have mine

It will mostly affect my work life, which I mostly keep private here. However, somehow it all ties in with style, I promise. Well, anything that has to do with shame vs. self-confidence, how you view yourself, the world and everyone around you . . . Well, like I said, my mind is blown temporarily and I can't entirely make sense of it all right now. Lets just say I'm happy in a super-nerdy kind of way.

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