Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lets Try Boots Again

We may have a boot winner. I successfully wore these boots to work without my feet trying to kill me. Now normally I wear bright colors on rainy days to be cheery, but today black and white patterns called out to me. Nearly all of the pieces in this outfit are thrifted and I'm pretty proud of myself. The coat is a little big but I believe I can have it taken up if needed. I love how slimming the vest is. I had the camera kind of low making the boots look huge but I'm O.K. with that as long as they're nice to my feet.

Padme our princess dog kept walking in front of me and the wind was blowing really hard making photos a little challenging. See, there's always a back story. I can't just take a simple picture.

Boots: Anne Klein, thrifted
Plaid Coat: Requirements, Thrifted
Vest: Worthington, Thrifted
Houndstooth Blouse: LYS
Pants: Some very old faded Lee trousers I've had forever

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