Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Outfit

I braved possible foot misery for the sake of fashion and put on the boots for an hour of church. Luckily this time it didn't bite me on the butt too badly. I did find myself limping that night and finally admitted it was the boots. Well, not these boots particularly. They didn't do anything wrong other than land on my feet. More on that in a minute after the fun stuff. For your viewing pleasure--the twirly skirt.

I found this silky skirt (O.K. It's polyester) at Old Navy and bought it with the holidays in mind. I also thought it would make another good long skirt to pair with boots. Another cool feature is that it brings out the universal little girl "I need to twirl now" response in me. Since I can no longer stand on my toes, flat-footed twirling is a bit of a challenge. For an ex-ballerina it is torture and the ultimate injustice . . . but that's another story. I did my best flat-footed twirl and am in love with this skirt

The Sad Part
Now for the sad part, my plantar fasciitis has flared up big time. It is probably related to changes in my feet due to RA, but it is definitely distinct from my regular RA symptoms. The only way I know to describe it is feeling like the soles of your feet are severely bruised. Sometimes there's a bonus sensation of sprained ankle and arch agony. Totally pissed off at my feet right about now. All my other joints are happy, so why can't my feet play along? The only cause I can identify is boots and dress shoes plus serious Christmas shopping overuse. Now I have to rest them. The time has come for me to put vanity aside even though I'm now "a style blogger" and admit I've got to let them heal. Enjoy the boots and skirt pictures because it's back to athletic shoes again for a while. Although I'm not able to be really athletic and graceful like I always was before RA, I'm happy to be walking and fairly active and I'm  hoping this will be encouragement for someone else going through similar struggles. It's nothing to be ashamed of and I'm proud to be continuing on.

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