Thursday, February 23, 2012

Are Dresses Really THIS easy?

Loving this soft dress so much. It feels just like my favorite t-shirt. Loving all the color possibilities too because it has some greens, blues, grays and black. It will combine with all kinds of things. This confirmed pants girl is becoming more and more of a dress girl.  After looking at my outfit photos for 5 months now, I'm often more pleased with the look of the outfits with dresses and skirts. Pants seem harder to fit but that's likely because my standards have gotten much higher. I have the fit challenges many multitudes of women have--a nice small waist with much larger hips, the dreaded waist gap, slight mommy belly, large thighs and short legs with a long torso. Sounds terrible when I put it that way,and yet somehow I manage to be cute!

In the past my approach was grab some comfy pants that were "good enough" to get by for work and make the best of it. This season so far my approach to pants shopping has been to try on a few, give up and buy dresses instead!

And for my photography moment I just have to comment it looks like I'm somewhere fascinating. Grasslands? Way out somewhere interesting? Nope, It's the slightly eroding grassy hill next to the parking lot of my favorite meat market in town. Ya just never know, right?


  1. Dresses are that easy and that's one of the reasons I've become a dress girl too. You look lovely.

  2. Thanks! I had no idea they were so easy. And they look great on someone tall like you or kinda short like me!