Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Big-Boned and Big Bracelets

I fell in love with this dress at Target last week while attempting to find pants for work. It was a difficult color to capture because it's sort of a grey denim and looks silver in most of the photos. I wore it pretty basic for the first wearing but I can see all kinds of possibilities for layering, belts, scarves, etc. I had on a fuscia tee underneath that unfortunately didn't show up in any of the photos.

I know chunky bracelets can make someone with chubby arms look even more chunky but I love this bracelet. I'm big boned. No seriously my wrists and ankles, calves, etc. often don't fit in things sized for "normal" women. I don't think I'm some mutant, so sizing must be really wonky, but I do think there is something to the "big-boned" thing. While I want to be healthy and as active as my arthritis will let me, I really don't think I was meant to be a 95 lb. tiny woman no matter what. It's just not in the genetic cards.

My dad said his high school football coach saw his mom (my grandma) and exclaimed, "I wish you were built like your mother." Yes, and this is the grandma I resemble according to my mom. So genetics and all that . . . I think I can fight my genetic tendency towards obesity, but will never be super skinny.  But really, I'm O.K. with big-boned as long as I'm healthy. Now how did I get all that from a bracelet? It seriously must be bedtime!

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