Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On the way home--Sick Day Edition

So, a couple of sick days has thrown my outfit photo schedule off because . . . well, frankly you DON'T want to see me in sloppy old sweats with no makeup on which is how I stayed all day Monday! Fortunately, I take an ADHD approach to outfit photos--sudden bursts of huge productivity followed by . . . whatever! That means I try to take lots when I'm in the mood and even, gasp, change into another outfit to go ahead and take pictures of that one when the mood strikes. I know I'll be consistently inconsistent and try to plan ahead for that. I generally try to use photos within a few weeks or at least the same season. So here's one from earlier in February.

On the way home, I always pass this place. The lake is way in the back out of sight, so I forget to stop here for a walk, especially in winter. Everything lined up on this day--warm weather, late afternoon sun and some spare time on my way home from work. Excuse the silly little tie around my waist.

I was wearing this lovely hand-crocheted tunic, but once I quit playing around with my camera and began walking, I took it off so it wouldn't get it too sweaty. After all, I put a lot of crochet hours into this thing and blocking it required more trouble than I could possibly imagine. I don't really want to do it again right away.

Backlit? Yeah, I meant to do that!

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