Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Dress Up For the Movies?

On Friday I did a funny, crazy thing. Something so surprising, so unlike me that I can't believe I did it. I actually wore jeans to work for "casual Friday" and changed into a dress when I got home. I wanted to take some outfit photos while I had time and good lighting. The dress was so comfy I actually wore it to the movies with my hubby and grown step-sons. Normally I adhere to the "no one can see you anyway" rule for dressing for the movie theater, but this was as easy as jeans.

Yeah, the reverse of what I've done my entire life. I'm the woman who as a girl came home from church and immediately stripped off the dress and panty hose that we HAD to wear when I was younger. Yes, I'm old enough to remember having to dress up for church. Any time I could get away with pants, that's what I always preferred. Oh you know, I loved the once a year ballet recital tu tu, halloween, flower girl wedding dresses and playing dress up with mom's dresses, but generally for everyday wear, dresses were out.

 As a girl growing up in the 70's dresses seemed to me a symbol of weakness. Only in the last few years have I added pink back to my wardrobe. Apparently I had some kind of weird complex about femininity that I don't totally understand. Now I know leaving an abusive relationship in my 30's means I'm strong, not what I wear. Giving birth to twins and raising them means I'm strong, not wearing pants. And dagnabbit, wearing dresses is just kind of fun now. I think comfy boots and tights that make me feel covered helps a lot.  This summer dresses and strappy sandals were more about being perimenopausal and trying to stay cool, but that's a whole nother post!
 Somehow the rear view is way more pear shaped, but strangely I'm not too upset by this. It looks like I'm off on some fantastic adventure. O.K. So I was 200 yards from my house but we do have some cool woods!

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