Thursday, February 2, 2012

Not Acting My Age

Colored tights--just one of many things I'm not supposed to wear at my advanced age. While I do look more my age because these were taken at the end of the day when all my makeup melted or got rubbed off, I still think it turned out O.K. The only thing I would change is cuter shoes, but y'all know my feet. This is the cutest they can handle at the moment. 

In the bottom photo I look so cool and pensive, like I'm pondering deep things of the universe. What I'm probably thinking is that  the carpet on our stairs really needs cleaning. After much awkwardness in my early outfit photos, I'm beginning to get more comfortable and branching out on my poses a little. Probably due to the increased confidence I wrote about a few posts back . . . or maybe I'm tired of seeing myself standing with one leg crossed in front of the other, chin out and slightly twisted at the waist to look slimmer. Maybe but those little tricks sure do make me happier with the photos. I'm trying to find other poses that are flattering besides that one because I love variety.

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