Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Should I Wear . . . to a Small Town Theater Production?

If you are going to Theater in the big city, look elsewhere. But if you are attending a high school theater production in a small town, I'm your woman. Last night after work I coerced my boys into attending Darlington School's musical. No, they aren't Darlington students but I figured it would be a quality production.Their dad recently took them to a real Broadway production of Wicked in Birmingham, so I knew this wouldn't compete with that. I just thought it would be something different on a Friday night.  My parents met us there with plans to get coffee and dessert afterwards for a fun family outing. 

The twins wore their Alabama hoodies and jeans (which in small town GA is appropiate theater attire for teenage boys). I wore my red print dress, black cardigan, wide black belt and black boots with grey tights. 

Hmph! Apparently my boys aren't Gershwin fans. More drama went on in the parking lot than on stage with my boys exclaiming, "My ears, my ears!" Let me say quickly that nothing was wrong with the Darlington kids; my kids just have very high expectations! So we left my parents behind to watch the 2nd act without us and went to Starbucks.
I blame the Cedartown Community Theater which really are top notch, believe it or not. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised to see Elizabeth Arencibia and some of the Lundy kids on Broadway some day. I don't know much about theater but I know what I like. I'm blown away whenever we go to their productions. Well, you can't blame a mom for trying. More attempts at culture will come later.

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