Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Ran Over My Cat

No seriously. Thursday morning I was running late for a meeting an hour away. So I grabbed my coffee and started backing out of my driveway. Or at least started to until I felt the rear of the car tip up and back down like I had run over something squishy. I jumped out holding my breath expecting to see . . . well, we'll just leave that to your imagination. Nope, ash ran for the bushes and then into the woods when I tried to catch him to check him for injuries. No problems at all. So I guess he really does have nine lives. Ash is really lucky I drive a Honda Civic and it was the lighter rear end that backed over him! If it had been my husband's Ford F150, well . . . we won't talk about that. It was inevitable really because the cat had no fear of cars at all. He's so relaxed that he's basically a driveway throw rug. Maybe it will scare him enough to stay out of the way.

And he's a cat with fashion sense too! If you remember, he's the one who admired my leopard print ballet flats. Shhhh, don't tell him he's not a long haired panther. He doesn't know.

 I can haz ur shoes?

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